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ANA (NH) Boeing B767-300ER Club ANA Asia In-Flight: Tokyo - Singapore (NRT-SIN) 04/2009"

Category: In-Flight Service 2009-07-10

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Spending three wonderful days in Tokyo, we had to say goodby to this beautiful city and headed for our next stop - Kuala Lumpur .....
Once we went through the security check point, we went to the ANA Lounge to relax before the flight.

Thirty minutes before boarding, we left the lounge and slowly walked to the Boarding Gate 35.

We took this ANA flight to Singapore first, then later took the connecting flight on Singapore Airlines to Kuala Lumpur

Since we had the experience of several international routes across the ocean on ANA's New Style Club ANA Business Class, we were very much looking forward to our first experience with the Club ANA Asia Business Class on this Intra-Asia flight
This ANA flight NH 111 used a Boeing B767-300ER aircraft.

In order to make more space for each seat, the business cabin was reconfigured from 2-2-2 to 2-1-2

Plenty of legroom
The middle row seats are the best seats in the business cabin.

The individual sitting in the middle row have direct access to both aisles and it feels more spacious.

There is also a storage space on the right side of the seat
Club ANA Asia seat is equipped with footrest
This B767-300ER Business Class In-flight entertainment system is AVOD
Once the plane reached the cruising altitude, flight attendants began beverage service.

A beautiful bag of tasty rice crackers was served with the drink.

Western Meal - Appetizer: Salt-boiled prawn with mimosa garnish / Mille-feuille terrine of snow crab meat and avocado, Fresh garden salad, Bread roll

The dish was very tasty, shrimps are quite large and fresh, too. Alex especially loved the bread rolls.

Japanese Meal - Appetizer: Salt-boiled snow crab meat / Kelp-cured salmon and flounder sashimi / Soy-cured firefly squid, Salt-boiled firefly squid and savory herb pudding / Chrysanthemum greens tossed with tofu

I especially loved the Snow crabmeat and fortunately, there is no fishy smell of seafood.

Western Meal - Main Course: Pan-fried chicken with Muscat d'Alsace with reduction

Chicken was surprisingly tender and juicy and the sauce with the sweetness of Muscat was so deliciou!!

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