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Asiana Airlines (OZ) Boeing B747-400 Combi Business Class In-Flight: Seoul Icheon - Los Angeles (ICN-LAX) 04/2009

Category: In-Flight Service 2010-04-03

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In 2008, I had my very first and wonderful experience with Asiana Airlines for my trip from Taipei to Los Angeles via Seoul. Without any hesitations, in 2009, for my flight from Seoul to Los Angeles, I chose Asiana Airlines again.
Boeing 747-400 Combi aircraft was used to service this flight.
Asiana Airline Business Class Boarding Pass
Gate 41 was the boarding gate for my Asiana flight #202
My seat 7A is a window bulkhead seat. Legroom is quite spacious.
Business Class in this aircraft is equipped with satellite phone, fax and SMS/E-mail service.
All Business Class seats are slanted lie-flat seats with 50-inch seat pitch.

PC power outlets has been installed for each seat.

Window seat passengers have extra storage space right next to the seat.
There are 24 Business Class seats in this B747-400 Combi airplane and all of them are located on the upper deck cabin with 2-2 layout.
Each Business Class seat is also equipped with a 15-inch monitor with AVOD system. Passengers can enjoy various English and Korean programmings during this long flight.
Seat control panel and IFE controller are located right on the seat
Pre-departure drinks were served during boarding
After the plane had reached cruising altitude, flight attendants started the snack and drink service.

I had a glass of white wine with hot canape of grilled scallop with mango salsa sauce.

The scallops were fresh and sweet and they were especially tasty with the mango salsa.

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2012-05-04 11:30:58 (GMT-6) 7713: USA
2010-04-27 18:48:38 (GMT-6) Lizzy: To Sam: I like their service too and Asian is one of my favorite airlines
2010-04-27 02:47:27 (GMT-6) Sam: Really like Asiana service
2010-04-12 16:32:03 (GMT-6) Lizzy: 沒關係, 明年喵喵就搭 ANA 的最新商務艙到 NY, 然後再搭 UA 的新商務艙從 NY 飛舊金山 :)
2010-04-12 06:29:06 (GMT-6) 來地喵喵: 對了!大姊,您最近有無聽過「洲際在清查會員是否有無“不當”放置促銷code,因而取消?甚至將點數歸零的案例呢?」
2010-04-12 06:26:05 (GMT-6) 來地喵喵: 埃呀!真的是好可惜喔!我也是等到韓亞航空開票之後,才得知其實我也是可以選擇搭乘全日空從紐約經東京的航班啦!
2010-04-10 19:01:57 (GMT-6) Lizzy: 喵喵說的一點都沒錯, 韓亞航就可惜在這無法平躺的座椅. 我對全日空的最新商務艙的座椅和排列法很好奇. 要是喵喵能搭到這班機的話, 我就可有第一手體驗資料了 :)
2010-04-05 11:37:46 (GMT-6) 來地喵喵: 這韓亞航商務艙,感覺最可惜的應該就屬「座椅無法平躺」吧!而關於明年我的墨西哥之旅,最可惜莫過就是錯失兌換「全日空往返紐約之最新商務艙」的班機啦!

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